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Yacht Mobile High Performance ( CB series ) Battery/Conventional Battery

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High Performance ( CB series ) Battery

When a battery is continuously drained or the battery plates are exposed to the air due to low electrolyte level, the active LEAD crystallizes on the plates. Under these circumstances, the battery will not hold a charge or restore to full capacity. ¡§Anti-sulfation¡¨ is the answer! Yacht's ¡§anti-sulfation¡¨ special chemical formula effectively reduces sulfate crystal build-up on battery plates and provides longer life.

Conventional Battery

Yacht Battery makes a complete line of flooded batteries which are designed for long-lasting power and convenience which are available in both 6-volt and 12-volt capacity and meet all OE starting requirements. The durable transparent container makes it easy to check electrolyte level and for select Harley-Davidson models we made a smoke gray case for lower visibility and pleasing exterior look.